Greeley Computer Services

Union Colony.Net

  • With, Greeley Computer Services provides an alternative ISP for Colorado DSL subscribers in most of the 970, 303, and 720 area codes where phone service is provided by Qwest.
  • Our basic access plan includes upload and download speeds up to 256kbit per sec and 5 email accounts. We also offer attractive packages that include hosting for your domain.
  • We offer local technical support, and we’ll handle the Qwest calls for you if there is circuit trouble – all for less than most other broadband packages.
  • To subscribe to DSL Internet access, your phone line must “qualify,” or meet certain technical requirements. To find out if you qualify, email us with your ten digit phone number today!
  • If you already have Qwest DSL in area code 970, 303, or 720, simply contact Qwest and ask for an “ISP Switch” to Greeley Computer Services.